AdTech & Programmatic

Putting technology to work for your ad campaigns

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Adaptive Digital runs all searches for Media Planning & Display professionals with strict criteria on what constitutes a top candidate

We offer clients in AdTech software, digital marketing services and corporate marketing teams an unrivaled talent pool of programmatic advertising specialists.

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    Campaign Management

    • Setup and controlling of AdTech & Programmatic Campaigns 
    • Testing of Ad Materials
    • Troubleshooting / Bug tracking 

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    • Experience in HTML, DHTML, Java Script, CSS, Actionscript etc.
    • Technical support of Ad Campaign Managers 
    • Development and optimization of AdServer Systems 

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    • Display
    • Mobile
    • Video
    • Social

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    • Conception and implementation of diverse RTB Campaigns on all channels and platforms (Mobile, Display, Video & Social) 
    • Strong knowledge of common DSP’s & SSP’s (Doubleclick, The TradeDesk, adform etc.) 
    • Monitoring and optimization of programmatic campaigns