Digital Media

Build your team for world-class media campaigns

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A network of candidates with experience planning, implementing, maintaining and reporting digital campaigns 

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    We work with data-driven candidates who are well versed in identifying the optimal media platforms to successfully advertise client brands and products.

    Candidates have expert knowledge in where, when and how often to place ads to achieve the best marketing campaign results.

    We partner some of the world’s largest and most successful media agencies, networks and brands.

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    We work with candidates who are highly experienced in negotiating and purchasing media inventory, offering expert knowledge in procuring ad space to reach the optimal amount of people within a target audience at the optimal cost.

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    Account Management

    We work with candidates who are highly skilled at managing strong client relationships through effective communication, problem solving and understanding client requirements.

    Candidates are well versed in coordinating processes between the client and the media planners/buyers, ensuring that all projects are delivered within time and budget.

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    From advanced knowledge of research tools such as Comscore, AdRelevance etc, to hands-on skills with 3rd party ad servers & DSPs (Atlas, Doubleclick, AppNexus, OpenX, DataXu, MediaMath), we ensure the technical skills back up the business acumen of all our candidates.