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For online retailers, E-Commerce teams can be some of the most critical employees on company payroll

Adaptive approaches the search looking for candidates who are business people first, marketers second.

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    Project Management

    We evaluate PM expertise across key areas:

    • Experience interfacing between stakeholders
    • Agile & Waterfall metholdology exposure
    • Budget management
    • Solution implementation
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    E-Shop Management

    We screen for:

    • Platform expertise (Hybris, Magento, Spryker, Oxid, Shopware etc.)
    • Online merchandising experience
    • Services exposure (payments, logistics, inventory management)

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    We focus on candidates with strong backgrounds in:

    • User Experience/Interface Design & Testing
    • Wireframing
    • Customer Interaction & Heat-mapping
    • Customer Journey
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    We engage candidates who bring compelling examples of converting visitors to customers, offering:

    • Broad web analytics tool exposure
    • A/B and multivariate testing
    • Data collection & real-time decision-making experience