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Management & C-Suite

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Management & C-Suite

Adaptive Digital has a global footprint and an unrivalled network, granting us access to top-tier executive talent. We build management teams for disruptive, hyper-growth companies around the world.

The search for top performers is high-precision work. We are discerning, strategic and relentless in our approach to unearthing executives that drive impact and lead with action. We have an unprecedented executive network of management talent, including VP and C-Suite leaders within the arenas of eCommerce, Technology and Digital Media. Our consultative and tailored method of identifying talent and initiating introductions empowers us to match the best growth leaders of the industry with the most innovative companies of our generation. 

We work with leaders that can unlock the potential of a company and it's people. These hires are integral to company success. 

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    Mutual Growth

    Through an in depth job briefing and candidate screening we will understand exactly what both parties are looking for and only put forward candidates that are going to align to the company's goals.

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    Management Experience

    We know that some leaders are experienced in being very hands on with a small team and others manager multiple line managers, some will be experienced in managing junior members that need lots of guidance and others will have managed Senior AEs. We will match candidate experience with job requirements..

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    Industry Knowledge

    Our clients look for candidates who are industry specific and through our extensive network we use our expertise to ensure we are engaging with candidates that fit the bill. Whether you're searching for someone coming from the eCommerce space, digital media & communications agency environment, a SaaS market vertical, finance or specific brand vertical, we can connect with the talent that will drive your business forwards.

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    Growth Mindset

    Through our inherent understanding of your requirements, we deep dive into a candidates experience, track record and achievements to align their past performance with your goals as a business. Management and leaders drive change, fuel growth and are instrumental in continued business success. We know how the candidates that will elevate your team and business to the next level, and can hit the ground running.