Recruitment for Paid Social & Social Media Management

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Adaptive recruits social marketing experts for agencies and brands

From Paid Social channel specialists to the creaitve minds behind international campaigns, our network of social talent spans the full range.

Learn more about our expertise below:

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    Paid Social

    We work with candidates who offer:

    • Experience planning, executing and optimizing paid social campaigns across all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & YouTube
    • Expertise in bid strategy, campaign optimizations and reporting
    • Professionl cetifications in Google, Yahoo and Bing
    • Hands-on experience with bid management platforms such as Marin, Kenshoo & Doubleclick
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    Content Management

    We leverage our network of candidates who create client-facing and internal communications to expand a brand's social media footprint and grow recognition.

    These experts write, edit and curate engaging content on social media platforms for product, brand and promotion initiatives.

    Candidates are experienced in managing content on editorial calendars, social media posts and blogs.

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    Community Management

    We work with highly skilled community managers who build and cultivate online communities across multiple social channels.

    Our candidates create social listening reports to assess consumer sentiment and serve as the active voice or tone for each unique brand.

    They are immersed in client brands and business and participate in community conversations to increase audience engagement, using social media management systems such as Hootsuite and social media analytics tools such as Radian6.

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    Influencer Marketing

    We recruit experts within the sphere of influencer marketing who are experienced in managing influencer outreach programs, focused on:

    • Developing relationships with top-tier influencers and identifying key partnerships that will drive awareness for brands
    • Overseeing blogger/influencer promotions, abassador programs,  brand contests, sweepstakes and engaging digital and/or social promotions
    • Remaining tech savvy and curious about emerging trends and platforms such as Curalate Fanreel, Facebook 'Handshake' Branded Content tool and #PAID