CRM & Marketing Automation

Unique access to top CRM and marketing automation professionals.

CRM and marketing automation are the foundation of a successful consumer marketing strategy. Finding the right CRM talent, technology and solutions open the door to building high-grow, scalable organizations and to implementing successful acquisition and retention initiatives. We offer unique access to top CRM and automation marketers who will bring companies´marketing to the next level.

Campaign Management

We provide access to CRM Marketing experts specialised on all relevant steps along the Customer Experience:

  • Personalisation & automation
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Retention
  • Loyalty Management
  • Customer journey building
  • A/B testing
  • Content Automation


To reach specific target groups through all relevant CRM channels depending on target groups, industry and customer engagement trends, Adaptive connect with candidates who bring experience working with running campaigns across:

  • Email
  • Web-Push
  • In-App
  • Messenger
  • SMS
  • Omni-channel


We recruit experts with specialized CRM and CRM Cloud Platform experience, as well as with ability to implement and lead innovative and sophisticated tech-stack solutions that enable businesses to lead the market.

  • Marketing Clouds (Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, etc.)
  • Automation tool (Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, etc.)
  • CRM tool migration
  • Customer Data Platform Development
  • Solutions Design (E2E)
  • CRM Tech-Stack Implementation

Customer Experience & Customer Analytics

Strong analytical skills and data literacy are key factors that we look out for in our candidate network, from SQL to Machine learning solutions that provide intelligence for competitive CRM strategies.

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Survey & NPS solutions
  • CRM tracking solutions
  • Full Customer Lifecycle strategy
  • Customer Data Science
  • Machine Learning Solution
  • Customer Basket analysis

Active jobs

Marketing Automation Manager (HubSpot)

Für einen meiner wichtigsten Kunden, eine High-Growth Digitalagentur in Baden-Württemberg, suche ich ab sofort einen Marketing Automation Manager mit HubSpot-Fokus. Als Marketing Automation Manager bist Du verantwortlich für die Implementierung & Weiterentwicklung von Marketing Automation Maßnahmen bei Deinen Kunden. Du übernimmst eigenständig die Verantwortung für innovative Marketing Automation-Projekte. Deine Tätigkeiten umfassen die kundenorientierte Beratung sowie die Analyse von Kundenanforderungen und Geschäftszielen. Du implementierst Marketing Automation Systeme und bindest externe Tools an. Du entwickelst Automatisierungsstrategien und Multi-Channel-Kampagnen. Dein Fokus liegt auf dem fortlaufenden Monitoring und der Optimierung dieser Maßnahmen, um die definierten Zielsetzungen zu erreichen. Zusätzlich gestaltest Du als Marketing Automation Specialist Workshops – von der Vorbereitung über die Durchführung bis zur Nachbereitung. Um erfolgreich in dieser Position zu sein, bringst Du mindestens 2 Jahre Erfahrung in Marketing Automation, CRM und E-Mail-Marketing mit. Dein sicherer Umgang mit der HubSpot Growth Suite, ausgeprägte analytische und strategische Fähigkeiten sowie fundierte technische Kenntnisse und das Verständnis für neue Tools sind entscheidend. Programmierkenntnisse in HTML und CSS ermöglichen Dir eine vielseitige Umsetzung. Erfahrungen mit anderen Marketing Automation oder CRM Tools sind von Vorteil Note for applicants - if you don't speak fluent German, don't have the right to work in Germany without a work permit and don't bring at least 2 years of experience, you regrettably won't be considered. Interessiert? Dann freue ich mich auf Deine Kontaktaufnahme! Email: #LI-JR2 #LI-Hybrid

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Manager

Für einen unserer wichtigsten Kunden im B2B Umfeld in Hamburg suchen wir ab sofort einen Marketing Automation & Lead Gen Manager! Deine Aufgabe wird es sein, datengetriebene, innovative und ansprechende Kampagnen zu entwickeln, um hochwertige Leads und B2B Kunden zu gewinnen. Du wirst ein stabiles Funnel-Management und ein Tracking/Analytics-System für das Customer Journey Management gewährleisten. Deine Verantwortlichkeiten umfassen: Die Weiterentwicklung einer zukunftssicheren Marketing- und Sales-Automation Landschaft Die Einrichtung automatisierter Kampagnen zur Lead-Generierung und die Betreuung bestehender Kunden Die Gewährleistung eines erfolgreichen Roll-outs der automatisierten Nurturing-Kampagnen Die Konzeption, Umsetzung und Überwachung von A/B-Tests zur Optimierung der Customer Journey in enger Abstimmung mit anderen Stakeholder Dein Profil: Du verfügst über fundierte Kenntnisse in Marketing & Sales Automation Tools (z.B. HubSpot, Eloqua, Salesforce) Ein Bachelor- oder Masterabschluss in Wirtschaftswissenschaften und/oder Ingenieurwesen mit Schwerpunkt Marketing oder eine gleichwertige Qualifikation oder Praxiserfahrung 3-5 Jahre Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Customer Journeys und Bestandskundenkampagnen im digitalen Kontext Min. 2 Jahre Erfahrung im B2B Marketing Du bist bereit zur engen Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Bereichen, beherrschst das Stakeholder-Management und verfügst über eine ausgeprägte operative Disziplin. Hervorragende Teamfähigkeit und Kommunikationsfähigkeiten in Deutsch und Englisch. Wenn Du bereit bist, in einem dynamischen Umfeld zu arbeiten und Marketing Automation auf das nächste Level zu bringen, freue ich mich auf Deine Bewerbung. #LI-Hybrid #LI-JR2

(Senior) Marketing & CRM Project Manager

Founded with a vision to empower businesses with seamless technological solutions, our client is an innovative company which has quickly become a leader in the digital space. With a focus on providing transformative strategies and tools, they assist organizations in optimizing their operations, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting growth. Are you a seasoned Project Manager with a knack for CRM? I'm on the lookout for a talented individual to join our client's dynamic team. In this role, you'll take charge of developing and executing technical and non-technical project plans. Your expertise will shine as you guide CRM onboarding and system integration projects within the organization, utilizing your full-cycle experience from discovery to UAT, implementation, integrations, and change management. Your key responsibilities will include: 1. Project Scheduling | Budget Planning Craft meticulous project plans tailored to stakeholder needs, ensuring on-budget delivery of desired outcomes. Collaborate with Resource Managers to forecast resource requirements and optimize resource allocation. Prepare and maintain project budgets aligned with scope and resources, keeping budgets on track. Facilitate productive project stakeholder meetings. Resolve budget overruns, liaising with Key Account Managers to seek additional budget if feasible. 2. Project Tracking | Project Reporting | Project Administration Oversee the creation, distribution, and storage of all project documentation. Ensure timely preparation of briefs and resolve unclear or incomplete brief situations. Maintain transparent progress reporting to proactively identify and address potential issues. Actively track project members' progress against commitments. Monitor and report on project status, ensuring alignment with client goals and contracts. 3. Project Communication | Project Timeliness | Client Satisfaction Drive efficient project meetings using the SPAT Method. Recognize and communicate emerging problems and facilitate their resolution with a sense of urgency. Provide consistent project updates to various stakeholders, conveying strategy, adjustments, and progress. Communicate deadlines to all project stakeholders, both internal and client-side. Monitor and manage client communications to ensure prompt responses. Proactively resolve project roadblocks, whether internal or client-related. Measure project performance and identify areas for improvement. Requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a related field. Mid-senior years of experience in Project Management. Experience in system integration projects. Proficiency in Project Management Methodologies, preferably with formal training. Experience with IT/website projects is a plus. Understanding or sound knowledge of CRM platforms like HubSpot. Experience in a Consultancy, Agency, or Software development organization. Proven ability to complete projects within defined scope, budget, and timeline. Familiarity with Project Management Software (e.g., TeamLeader Orbit, TeamGantt, Proficiency in Google applications, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Mail. Fluent in both spoken and written German and English. If you're a proactive, results-driven Project Manager with a passion for CRM, I'd love to hear from you. Apply today, or email me with your CV at! #LI-Remote #LI-JR2

CX Manager Web International

We are currently seeking a talented CX Manager to join a dynamic team at our most important client in the education sector. They were able to record a growth in customer numbers, sales, and employees of over 150% in the last 24 months, and were awarded the highest quality education seal in the industry. Despite the challenges of the current times, they remained a resilient industry leader, and continue to grow with their 4000+ employees. In this position, you'll have the opportunity to be at the forefront and play a crucial role in shaping the customer experience on the website. You'll act as a bridge between different teams and drive innovative concepts and improvements. Here are some of the exciting tasks awaiting you: Conduct in-depth website analyses and work closely with the Analytics team, especially for larger projects. You will utilize GA4 and Contentsquare to gain maximum insights Decide on and implement optimal user flows, navigation, and conversion elements based on the MarTech toolkit (Storyblok CMS configurations) Act as a hands-on business project leader for new website changes, such as implementing a new home concept Initiate A/B testings on the website, monitor results, and conduct follow-on analyses Develop a deep understanding of the users through qualitative (user testing) and quantitative (surveys and A/B testing) information Candidate Profile: Minimum three years of e-commerce expertise, specializing in customer-centricity, UX, website development, or product management Proficient in web design principles with a proven history of web design projects Skilled in creating user flows to enhance user experiences Profound grasp of various user research and testing methods, including A/B testing, with hands-on experience in execution Strong analytical acumen, adept at working with data and numbers Proficiency in Google Analytics required; familiarity with Contentsquare is advantageous Offered Benefits: Career advancement opportunities: The company's rapid growth provides numerous possibilities for professional development. Employees can share their career aspirations, and the company will provide support to help achieve them. Flexible work environment: Utilize project management tools and video meetings to work seamlessly from anywhere. Take advantage of WorkFlex benefits, allowing for remote work from abroad. Autonomy in time management: Employees are trusted and given maximum freedom to organize their work schedule. Continuous learning: Access to free training, language courses, and discounted study programs to expand knowledge and skills. Work-life balance: The company values rest and well-being, offering 30 days of annual vacation for all employees. Sabbatical leave is also available. Join this team and contribute to shaping the future of education! Interested candidates are encouraged to apply now for this exciting opportunity. Note for applicants - if you don't speak fluent English, don't have the right to work in Germany without a work permit and don't bring at least 2 years CX experience, you regrettably won't be considered. #LI-SH1 #LI-Remote

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02. 09. 2019

Debunking ‘Growth Marketing’ – what is it and why do you need it?

In a time where it seems everyone is focused on marketing, why are some of the biggest companies restructuring to, effectively, remove their Chief Marketing Officers?In June, pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson’s CMO decided to step down, having been in a successful capacity with the company for over six years. Rather than replacing like-for-like, they decided to remodel the business, in doing so, removing the role to pave way for a ‘Growth Marketing Officer’.They have followed suit of some fairly successful names, like Hyatt, Lyft and that little-known brand, Coca-Cola.It’s become, arguably, one of the hottest new C-Level roles, and certainly one for anyone in a senior marketing position to consider.So, what is a Growth Marketing Officer, and what makes them tick?Well, to put it in the most basic terms, a GMO (or CGO – ‘Chief Growth Officer’) is in charge of exactly what you’d expect: growth. Growing the company’s branding, branching out into new markets, just as you’d expect a marketing role to do. But growth focuses on some aspects you would perhaps ignore as a traditional ‘marketeer’.They will add value with things such as customer retention, they will usually be a data-driven individual, keeping an eye on revenue increase, and comfortable doing a lot of analytical work. Rather than using their experience in the industry, or ‘gut feeling’, they will now pick apart data trends; noticing that it’s not just ‘good marketing practice’ to schedule social media posts for a specific time, or day, but actually is rhyme and reason to it.The Growth Marketing Officer slice and dice data to figure out what strategy is in fact working for their brand.They will also be creatively minded; they will be the ones to say “let’s give it a try” rather than “we’ve never done it that way before”. They will not be afraid of something falling down, if it doesn’t work then they will try another way – always looking to open new doors.They will be responsible for overseeing the brand marketing, having to take charge of multiple projects at once – deadlines shouldn’t be something that scare them, but excite them.As the need for growth continues to evolve and grow (ironically), more and more companies and clients are hiring GMO’s it’s important to align all of the functions – creativity, data driven, unafraid of failure, able to multitask, and more – and hiring a Growth Marketing Officer who can deliver this is vital.Mike Thompsett, Global Marketing Manager at Adaptive Business Group said: “The world of marketing is forever changing, and we’ve noticed that large amounts of our clients are exploring new opportunities to keep up with it – it’s so important not to be left behind.”“Whether it’s for a new, exciting start up or an established tech company, it’s become an increasingly attractive position for CEOs to invest in. They need to ensure they are hiring in the right market to keep their company exploring new markets and continue in the right direction.”Adaptive Digital globally with a large focus on the US and EMEA markets for digital marketing and ecommerce professionals, filling roles with brands & agencies in more than 20 countries.To view Adaptive Digital’s full range of open jobs, click here.
30. 11. 2018

Digital M&A – Deals That Shaped 2018

This year saw some landmark acquisitions in the digital commerce and communications industry – we review the highlights (so far). With the month of December still left to play out, 2018 has witnessed some big moves in the merger and acquisition arena across the digital marketing and ecommerce sectors.Despite competition for investment dollars from emerging peripheral markets (notably AI and blockchain), e-retail platforms, digital marketing services and payment solutions all attracted major attention from both trade and strategic buyers.With 7 acquisitions at $1bn+ closed in H1 2018 alone, several of the alliances struck throughout the year are set to alter the commercial landscape for some time to come.Here’s our pick of the standout deals of the year so far:Walmart buys FlipkartUS retail giant Walmart splashed out $16bn to acquire a 77 percent stake in Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer.Seen by analysts as a strategic move to keep pace with other e-retail heavyweights (chiefly Amazon, who moved onto Walmart’s home turf of in-store grocery shopping with their purchase of Whole Foods), the deal included $2bn of new equity funding for growth and left the door open for Flipkart to go public at a later date.Adobe buys MarketoAfter being delisted from the NASDAQ in 2016 by Vista Equity Partners for $1.8bn, Marketo found a new home for a hefty $4.75bn as Adobe looked to fortify their digital marketing offering (Experience Cloud) to keep pace with competitors Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle and SAP. Beginning life as recently as 2006, Marketo added marketing automation to the Adobe product suite as part of a rapidly-expanding digital experience portfolio.Twilio buys SendGrid  Variously described as an ‘engagement’ or ‘communications’ platform, Twilio offered developer-focused capabilities in channels covering voice, video, chat, SMS, social media and connected devices – with the addition of email marketing specialist SendGrid for $2bn in stock, a key gap was plugged (albeit for a price that stunned many onlookers). With the acquisition slated to close in the first half of 2019, combined revenues could be north of $700m by that point. Silver Lake buys ZooplaCarrying property listings for nearly 15,000 estate agency branches, Zoopla has been a dominant force in the UK residential property market and the ‘PropTech’ sector. US PE heavyweight Silver Lake, impressed by the growth of the online platform and its 50 million monthly visits, forked out £2.2bn for the ZPG group of companies – a nice deal for founder Alex Chesterman, who was also behind the LoveFilm movie subscription service acquired by Amazon.WPP & Dentsu splurgeLeading marketing conglomerates WPP and Dentsu Aegis both added to their sprawling portfolios throughout the year. While no single deal made the big news, the two giants got their checkbooks out on a number of occasions.WPP added Hirshron-Zukerman Design Group, Gorilla Group, 2Sale and Emark, creating additional capabilities in fields covering design, marketing technology, Amazon retail services and more, before announcing the merger of JWT and Wunderman to create a new advertising superpower.Dentsu hoovered up Whitespace, Amicus Digital and Global Mind, diversifying service offering whilst also adding headcount in Scotland, Australia and Argentina.PayPal buys iZettleIn May payment superpower PayPal spent $2.2bn to purchase Swedish fintech firm iZettle, adding point-of-sale hardware to its suite of commerce solutions. Timing was tight on the deal, as iZettle had filed for IPO only days before PayPal announced the news.Targeting the small business sector, iZettle uses a mobile-based card reader to allow digital payments, similar to rival Square.The purchase is part of a series of diversification moves by PayPal, who also own P2P payment platform Venmo and business loan provider Swift Financial.Adobe buys MagentoThe only acquiror to appear twice on our list, Adobe showed their ambition with a double-headline year, not only buying Marketo but also scooping up e-commerce platform provider Magento from European PE firm Permira for $2.68bn, a revenue multiple of over 11x.Once again up against Salesforce and Oracle (among others), Adobe saw Magento as a key gap in its ability to provide e-retailers with a comprehensive infrastructure and marketing solution, adding the capability to build, run and market web stores through a single platform provider.***Adaptive Digital recruits across Europe and the USA for digital marketing and ecommerce professionals, filling roles with brands & agencies in more than 20 countries.  To view Adaptive Digital’s full range of open jobs, click here.
04. 04. 2018

Is your interview process the hole in your talent net?

Even though clients may get in front of the right people for their business, the interview process itself can be key to a successful ability to bring them on board. Adaptive Digital’s team of consultants have come up with their top tips to get the right offer out as efficiently as possible by optimizing the interview process to keep it consistent, efficient and effective. Interviews are a two-way street: it’s equally as important for prospective candidates and companies to leave a positive impression on one another. It’s a balancing act. On one hand you need to make sure the candidate is the right fit for your company and that everything (skills, suitability, timeframes, salary expectations, etc.) matches up – but it’s also key to make sure they learn enough about your role, culture and teams and are excited to join.