Digital Analytics/Data Science & BI

We love Data and Data Analysts love us as we understand what they want.

We guarantee unique access to the worlds sharpest Data Experts across the fields of Digital & Web Analytics, BI & Business Analytics, Data Science & Data Engineering.

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Digital & Web Analytics

We provide access to the most talented, selected Digital- & Web Analysts in the industry. They bring deep tool knowledge (f.e. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, GTM, Tealium, Webtrekk etc.) and broad experience in the following fields:


  • Planning & Implementing of excellent tracking solutions

  • Customer Journey Analytics

  • Dashboard Creation

  • Technical Tag Management

  • A/B testing

  • AdHoc Analytics

  • Interpretation of the data and reporting

  • Conversion Rate Optimization


BI & Business Analytics

Either you want to optimize your internal processes, the performance of your sales team or analyze your competitors, your business data is the key to success. We provide access to the best BI- & Business Analysts with deep SQL, Tableau, PowerBI knowledge and a great understanding of process automation, KPI optimization, market research, SQL databases and visualization of the results


Data Science

Data Science is in everyone's mouth, but not many understand what it really means. We do.

They are the main drivers to a data-driven culture and the key interface to various core areas of the business such as sales, marketing, product development, quality management and process management. That's why they need to be excellent communicators and creative project managers next to their passion for data and tech. We provide access to the most wanted data cracks on the planet. Data Scientists, Data Engineers & Data Architects with deep mathematical, technical and/ or Domain expertise.

Our Data Science network exceeds expectations in the following fields:

  • Machine learning (Python, R & Bash)
  • Complex mathematical Analysis
  • Data visualization (f.e. Tableau, PowerBI, Fusion Charts etc.)
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Complex Data modelling  and so much more... 


Data Engineers & Architects

Data Engineers are often called the "technical heart" of complex Data Science projects and it's correct. Without the right technical fundament the most valuable data are worthless.

We provide access to the best Data Engineers with the following Skillsets:

  • Complex cloud based DWH development (f.e. AWS, Azure, BigQuery)
  • Conception and supply of system architecture
  • Database design & configuration
  • Design of interfaces
  • Languages: f.e. R, Python, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Bash
  • Tools: f.e. Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB